Change Billing Address

If you have placed your order and realized afterwards that you entered the incorrect billing address, have no fear!

If you placed the order using Paypal as your payment method, they will handle the billing for your order. They have your billing address on file and will make sure that the billing goes to the correct address.

If you paid with a gift certificate there is no billing address necessary. 

If you paid with a credit card and the billing address is wrong or missing something, there is no need to worry about that either. Our credit card processor is very picky, so if it accepts your information and the order is placed then you have given us all of the information that you need.

If you do have any other questions feel free to submit a ticket.

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    Peter Webb

    Hi there
    On the confirmation email for order number 14092560 the shipping address has 'Isle of Wight' twice.
    Would you delete one of these please?
    Many thanks

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