Upgrade Shipping Method

Due to the automated nature of our system, we are not able to upgrade the shipping method after the order has been placed. In order to upgrade the shipping method, we would have to charge for the upgrade, and our system doesn't have the ability to do that after an order has been placed.

Please note that you can always select a faster shipping method at the time of checkout (Step 1), as long as your order qualifies for a faster shipping method. *If your book is shipping from our new book supplier or UK warehouse, expedited shipping options are not available.

There is a drop-down menu to select the shipping speed at checkout. This example shows in yellow where to click to see the shipping options available. 


If you wish to cancel your order because you were not able to upgrade the shipping method or have any other questions related to your order, please contact us by submitting a request and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

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