Checkout & Billing Errors

Errors during checkout can be a major pain! Here are some troubleshooting tips from our Customer Care team.

Page Not Loading? Stuck in Checkout? Try These Tips:

  1. Attempt a hard refresh by holding the CTRL and F5 keys

  2. Clear your cache and cookies on your browser

  3. Switch your browser (we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

Common Billing Problems & Troubleshooting

Prepaid Credit Cards

  • Make sure that your card supports online shopping and has been registered to a billing address (this is a requirement of our credit card processor)

  • Need more help? We recommend contacting the card issuer by using the 1-800 phone number or website found on the back of the card

Credit/Debit Cards

  • Enter your name exactly as it appears on your card
  • Check that the billing address entered matches the billing address on file with the card issuer

  • Do not include any spaces or dashes while entering your card number

Gift Certificate Codes

  • Remove any spaces or dashes when entering the code
  • Gift Certificates are a payment method and not a discount code, so be sure to submit your gift certificate under Step 2. Payment at check out
  • Check out this support article for additional information on using a gift certificate

If you are still having difficulties after attempting these fixes, please contact our customer care team for additional assistance using the submit a request link below.

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