Pre-Ordering a Book

How Can I Pre-Order A Book?

Pre-orders allow you to place an order for an item before the release date. You may pre-order and purchase eligible items offered by our new book supplier. 

When Will My Pre-Order Ship? 

Pre-ordered products will be shipped* to you as soon as they are released or on the earliest release date. Items arrive based on the shipping delivery time selected at checkout. For estimated time frames please visit Better World Books' Shipping

*All release dates are subject to change. The supplier is responsible for determining the release date of the item and has the authority to alter the release date.

Status Of My Pre-Order

Please visit your order history for order status, while logged into your Better World Books account.

A ship-by date is available or updated to the shipped status once your order is shipped.

Don't have a Better World Books account, or placed an order under guest? You may view the status with your order number and zip code at Order Status 

Payment Policy For Pre-Orders

When a pre-order item is purchased, the amount is due at the time of placing the order and will not be charged at a later time. 

Can I Cancel My Pre-Order?

Requests to cancel a preorder may be submitted to Customer Service.

Note: Orders move as quickly as possible, with a brief window of time to cancel. Cancellations for pre-orders are not guaranteed.

Contact Customer Service to Request Cancelation

Address Changes for My Pre-Order

Once your pre-order is submitted, it can no longer be modified. Please submit a cancellation request as outlined above and wait for a cancelation confirmation before reordering to the updated address. 

Please note that prices and availability are subject to change.


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