Book Conditions

We have millions of books looking for a home. Some may be more loved than others, but we stand behind every book we ship. See below to find out how we grade our books:

Just what it says—direct from the publisher or distributor.

Like New
Could easily be mistaken for brand new. Undamaged cover, no missing pages, all pages undamaged (e.g., no creases or tears), no underlining/highlighting of text, no damage to binding, no writing in margins. If the book typically has a dust jacket, the jacket is included. This book may be an overstock/remainder book.

Very Good
In great condition for a used book. Has been read, but has no easily noticeable damage to the cover, dust jackets should be included, all pages are present and undamaged (e.g., no creases or tears), minimal underlining/highlighting of text perhaps on a few pages, no writing in margins, very minimal identifying marks inside cover (but may include an inscription), very minimal wear and tear. May be a former library book, with usual treatments* (see below for additional details), if noted in the comments.

Very minimal damage to the cover (e.g., no holes or tears, only minimal scuff marks), dust jacket may not be included, minimal wear to binding, most of the pages undamaged (e.g., minimal creases or tears), highlighting/underlining acceptable on books as long as the text is readable and markings are not excessive, no missing pages. May be a former library book, with usual treatments*, if noted in the comments.

These are books that have been saved from being unnecessarily discarded. These books have a lot of history but still deserve a loving home. Some significant wear to the cover, but the cover still intact; binding may be slightly weak, but all pages are attached. There might be writing in margins or underlining/highlighting of text; there are no missing pages. Dust jacket may not be included. May be slightly stained or discolored, but not excessively. These books may be former library books, with usual treatments*, or minimal damage, such as water or binding damage.

Please keep in mind that because we deal mostly in used books, any extra components, such as CDs, DVDs, figurines, or access codes are not included. 

*What are usual library treatments? These markings can include but are not limited to mylar covers, call stickers, stamps, card pockets, barcodes, or remainder marks.

We do our very best to evaluate products consistently and accurately to ensure that they adhere to these guidelines. If you have further questions about the condition of a book, please feel welcome to contact Customer Care directly by submitting a request or emailing us at

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