I'm Missing Books!

We're sorry part of your order appears to be missing. Let's touch on a few reasons this might have happened:

1. Multiple Shipments. You may have ordered so many books that we had to use more than one box. If that's the case, don't worry: the other box(es) are not far behind. 

2. Multiple Warehouses. At this time, we have three Better World Books warehouses; Indiana, Nevada, and Scotland. Listings will note where the book ships from under "Seller" at check out. You may also review your order history as well to view the location from which location your item(s) were shipped from. 

3. New Books. If your order contained a new book, they shipped separately from our New Book Supplier, Ingram. 

If the book(s) you're missing don't fit into the criteria listed, please be sure to let us know by submitting a request below. 

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