Do you ship to correctional facilities?

We provide delivery to correctional facilities, it is recommended to contact the facility prior to placing an order as each location tends to have its own restrictions.

Common restrictions include format (hardcover/paperback), quality of the book (new/used), shipping location (publisher/third party), book content, quantity, and packaging.

For your shipment, our packaging will meet the following criteria:

  • Be branded as shipping from a bookstore
  • Small orders (1-4) typically ship in a mailing bag
  • Large orders (5+) typically ship in a box
  • We are unable to accommodate special packaging request
  • Shipping labels include the destination as addressed, our business name, and return address
  • No invoice can or will be included with the order
  • Delivered by the USPS directly

Orders that are refused by facilities will be refunded, unfortunately, A second attempt to re-ship returned orders is not available. 

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