It's past the delivery date

We are sorry to hear that! Sometimes packages can get delayed due to the weather, taking a scenic route, or sometimes even masked highway book bandits (It happens!)

Please note that standard shipping takes 5 - 9 business days. Business days do not include weekends or holidays. Most packages take an average of 7 business days to arrive. Your package should be arriving soon!

Here are the amount of business days we allow for each delivery option: 

Delivery Time*
Time Range*
Standard 1 7 5-9
Expedited 2 3 2-6
2nd Day 2 2
Next Day 1 1

The averages shown are for the lower 48 states.
Ranges shown are in business days and do not include holidays or weekends.

Think your order should have arrived by now? Contact us by submitting a request below and we will be happy to help you out!

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