Sales Tax Exemption

Unfortunately, we are unable to prevent the website from applying sales tax on your order, but we are able to refund the sales tax once the order has been placed. If you'd like us to refund the sales tax on your order, you must submit evidence that you are exempt from the tax. This is usually relevant for re-sellers, educational institutions, etc.

Please include: 

1. Copy of your most current, non-expired sales tax exemption certificate. 
2. Contact email and phone number. 
3. Your Order number. 

Please send to us: 

1. By submitting a Request (Preferred Option) 
2. Fax: 574-208-6827. 

We will keep it on file for you so you only have to submit this information once. This information will be tied to the email address used to place the order.

Please note:

  • You must notify us each time you place a new order so we can refund the sales tax. You won't need to send the exemption certificate again, as long as it's current. 
  • Please keep in mind that the tax exemption is tied to the account holder that placed the original order. Each subsequent affiliated individual will need to notify us of their affiliation.
  • Due to accounting policies, we are only able to refund the tax on an order within 30 calendar days of the purchase. 

    We're sorry: we know it's much more convenient if our system was able to do this automatically. 

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