Received Extra Books

Thanks for your notifying us about the extra book(s) you received! 

We would appreciate any information that you may provide us regarding the extra books received.

We ask that you submit a request with the SKU(s) number(s) of one or more of the extra books you received so that we may locate the error. A SKU is a sticker on the spine or back cover of the book, and it should be in the following format XX-XXX-XXX, This set is a combination of letters and numbers used to catalog our inventory.  Example: A1-BCD-234

We really appreciate your time and help with this. 

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    This is my no. you sent me. 1115031............I have 2 wrong books. I need Stirs up Trouble and To the Rescue by ANN B ROSS.. where do I send my books>>>>>>>>>>>> they are Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind . 2 of them

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