Incorrect Sale Total

We have some sales that do not require a coupon code and some that do. It can be confusing. We are here to help!

We will always apply the best discount to your order automatically for deals that do not require a coupon code.


Why is the Bargain Bin discount not applying?
This discount does not need a coupon code! The discount is automatically applied to the purchase, when at least four qualifying Bargain Bin items are added to your cart. Please keep in mind that only books in the Bargain Bin category are eligible for this sale (not all used books). 

Not sure if an item qualifies? If you are not searching within this category and prefer to browse, items can be reviewed by visiting your cart. Qualifying items will display a red "Sale" tag over the book image once at least four qualifying books are in your cart.



Why is my coupon code not working?

We also offer some sales which do require a coupon code to be submitted. 

Sales with codes should have the details spelled out wherever you see the promo! Some codes are just for used books. If you enter the code and it says you do not have enough books in your cart, please double check if your selections are new or used books. 

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If you are having trouble applying a rewards code, please visit this page. 


If you still feel like the sale discount is incorrect, we are happy to look! Please contact us.

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