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Should I sign up for a account?

Yes, a account is required to sign up for the rewards program.

I just signed up, can I have points for orders I placed in the past?

Points cannot be awarded for purchases made before the sign-up date for the rewards account.

Do points expire?

Yes. Points expire one (1) year from the last date of activity.

Will I be notified if my points are about to expire?

Yes. Email notifications are automatically enabled to be received:

30 days before the expiration date

Last Chance set to 3 days before the expiration date

I am missing points!

If you earned points and do not see them on your account after 24 hours, please Contact us. We'd be happy to review!

Do rewards expire?

Yes. When you redeem a reward, the email you receive with the code will include the specific expiration date. For this reason, we do not encourage the redemption of a $ off code until you are ready to use it.

When redeeming a code I see the error "You already have a reward available. Only one can be used per order - are you sure you want to redeem another reward?"

You can disregard this message and continue to redeem a new reward. Why is this happening? We are actively working on an issue where some codes are showing as available when they have already been used toward a past purchase. We also ask you to note the expiration date of the code as the code may have expired. 

For program terms and conditions please visit  Better World Books Terms

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