How to Redeem Points For New Coupons

To convert points into a reward, you will need to log in to your Better World Books account. Then, click the rewards icon (on the bottom right of the page) to open the rewards panel.


From this panel points can be redeemed for rewards coupons by choosing Ways To Redeem. The first option, "Your rewards", shows any past coupons that have not yet been used on an order. 


The view under Ways to Redeem lists all redemption options. This view allows you to select the coupon of your choice based on the number of points you’d like to redeem. If you do not have enough points for a coupon listed, this will not have the option to continue for that reward.



Select the coupon you would like to redeem, and click “View” to continue. Upon clicking “View” you will be taken to the next window to confirm and redeem. The screenshot below is an example, however, your code may have a different expiration date.



Your code will be listed and ready to use once confirming your selection. 



If the code is not used towards the purchase, there is no need to worry! The code will be stored and available to use the next time you visit via "My Rewards" as mentioned above. A copy of the discount code is also emailed to the email associated with the Better World Books account. 

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